What is WC Opening

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WC expansion corresponds to several different words. The word is sometimes mixed because it is an abbreviation for English. Those who do not know can call in Wikipedia or sour dictionary, but the solution is very simple.

The word WC, which can be surrounded as toilet or bathroom, is the most commonly used expansion (WC) Water Closet.

OTHER meanings and abbreviations can be seen below:

WC: Water Closet (Water Room: Toilet)

WC: World Cup (World Cup)

wc: Web glass (internet camera)

WC: Weather Central (Air-Durum Center)

WC: War Craft (Computer Game)

WC: Word Count (Word Counter)

WC: William Calhoun (Rap Singer)

wc: White Chicks (White Girls)

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What does WC Turkish mean

WC is a term used by every nation. We use it because it provides a more polite and aesthetic discourse. The opening of WC can be translated as a sink.

Writing toilets on signs provides an ugly appearance because we use it as WC. It is also written as WC in all languages.

Water Closet: Water Room

Water: Su
Closet: Room

The British call Bathroom instead of sink in some regions. This term, which means a bathroom, is often used as a toilet.

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