What is the Holy Quran

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Quran: The Qur'an in the dictionary "to read. Here is what is in question by Allah (c.c) by the Prophet with the revelation of Gabriel to be revealed in the twenty-three years downloaded Divine Kitaba The Quran is called the Qur'an. .

Other Big Books:

Torah: The first five books of the Old Testament is called. It consists of five books that are believed to have been downloaded to Moses by Allah.

Bible: According to the Bible, Jesus Christ wrote neither a book nor a book from the sky. In the Gospel, Jesus' God is born to explain to us as the "Word of God".

Psalms: Allah sent by Allah to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is also called as the name of the Psalms. Zeccac, the great scholar, means that Psalms means a "wise book"; Alu Imran says that the word "zebûr" in the verse 3/184 comes from the root of "Zebr", which means "forbid".

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