How was Türkiye before the Republic

Before the Republic, Turkey was governed by the sultans. In poor families, women would not even be replaced by people.

Before the Republic, there were madrasahs instead of modern schools. Instead of modern clothes, women were wandering with sheets, veil men fez and poturlu, no one had the right to choose and be elected at that time.

Before the Republic was founded, there was no such surname. People did not have luxury like traveling and traveling. After the establishment of our Republic on October 29, 1923, everyone who was 18 years old was brought to the right to vote and be elected. Modern schools were opened instead. With a change of minority, clothes such as sheets, veils, fez and potur were removed and modern clothes came to replace them. The aim of the costume revolution was not to interfere with the wearing of people, but to give freedom to the society in the old Sharia and religion. Thus, women gained equal rights with men. The traditions of a man's marriage to 4 women got up. So much so that Harem was developed with 300 women at the same time. Men could marry slave women unlimited number.

Women have been granted the right to speak.

The Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who presented them to us, continued to serve as the first president of Turkey . In the administration of the Republic, the aim was not to care for Europe, but to be more advanced and to pass them. Even today, as the people who opposed the Republic, there are men who want the Sharia administration to walk around with veils and want to marry 4 women. For this reason, extreme religious people do not like Atatürk and think of destroying the republic he founded.

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