I have a lot of problems

Pir Sultan Abdal `` `` I do not have a lot to be in favor of "folk songs are as follows:

Which one is many, which one is in favor of
again refreshed heart wound BR>
Wears all kinds of frosts roses gentle
nightingale environmentaling is a pity
I suffered a lot of longing bosrıtır
Goodbye comes comes living marses >

my tall serv-i roller
I fell in my heart I fell into my heart
Qibla you are my direction, I will return to you
my mihrab is my two eyebrows
sir sir my sir
my problem to my problem DERMAN SIR

Dilar with dilar
The person who escaped from the conversation is not considered
This problem is Derman sir

Pir Sultan `` I fly high high
Selamiz you come without the morning you come
Why do you run away from the conversation
> My problem, sir, sir

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