Anti -Global Warming Transactions

Burning of folic acids with urbanization increased exhaust gases due to the use of stove gases from burnt coal -based industry and artificial greenhouses produced in the atmosphere of poisonous gases in the atmosphere and rapidly increasing the atmosphere is called global warming at the bottom of the atmosphere.

How can we live without increasing global warming?

We should close the tools such as television and computers electronically without leaving it in a waiting position.

We should use the right lighting, we should take advantage of energy -saving bulbs.

Houses should be insulated against heat loss

Ventilators should be preferred instead of reducing the use of air conditioning.

Energy should not be spent to warm up.

Vehicles consuming unleaded gasoline should be preferred.

Bathroom, hand washing, unnecessary taps should not be left open while brushing teeth.

For short distances, you should prefer to walk instead of a car.

Using general public transport.

To close the contacts when the vehicles will be long waiting.

not to carry more passengers than capacity.

Plastic packaging should be avoided.

Glass Materials should not be thrown with organic garbage

Products in non -recyclable packages should not be purchased

Those with low electric consumption on computers should be preferred

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