What should be considered when buying a computer

When buying a computer, we should pay attention to the technical specifications of the computer, the service support of the computer manufacturer, the price and the company we will buy.

The most important element when buying a computer is the purpose of using the computer.

  • Computers purchased to run graphic programs
  • Computers received to run Office programs
  • Computers received to enter the internet
  • Computers received to listen to music and watch movies
  • A few or all

! You do not want to buy a computer with much more features than you need, pay high fees or buy a computer that does not meet your needs just because it is cheap. When you look at both loss of money.

Those who want to run graphic programs;

Do you want to use drawing products of brands such as game purposes or Adobe, Autocad? Then you should know that the most important factor here is your computer's graphics card.

For a good graphics card;

  • The graphics card must be without sharing, that is not to use common memory.
  • Graphic card size should be at least 1GB.
  • Graphics cards with horse and NVDIA infrastructure do not notice much for general use, especially if the people who will make 3 -dimensional drawings should definitely investigate whether the graphics card supports 3 -dimensional drawing.

However, especially if you are a game -lover, not only the graphics card, but another issue you should pay attention to is your computer's processor, hard disk and ram size. The most up -to -date version and the top version should be preferred for the processor. You can choose minimum 4GB for RAM and 1TB for hard disk.

Those who want to run Office programs;

  • Take care to receive up -to -date versions for long -term use.
  • Your processor and operating system get up to date.
  • Supply Office also.
  • If you are going to use it at work, make sure that the operating system is a corporate version. (It does not apply to Linux, but Microsoft follows the product usage of companies through various institutions. We do not want headache.)

! If you provide a link in the server in the company, you have to buy a corporate operating system.

Only those who want to enter the internet;

Processor and Operating system we recommend you to buy up -to -date products. It will not be very important that it is the lowest model here. They can even get on the internet in tablet or netbook.

Those who want to listen to music and watch movies;

For a good music experience, sound card is of great importance. However, the selection of hoporlifiers is also important. At least 2+1 hoporlier will do your job. The graphics card is also important for the film. In addition, those who want to connect the computer to television and watch HD quality movies is useful to buy a computer with HDMI input. (Do not forget to take the HDMI cable.

Those who hesitate to get a desktop or laptop;

If you do not want to separate your computer from you, it is the right decision to buy a laptop. Weights and screen sizes may be points to evaluate depending on your personal preference.


  • Depending on the devices you will connect to the computer, the number of the USB port is important.
  • As they will use a notebook, whether the webcam will have and the life of the battery is important.

After determining the technical specifications of the product, another important point is the technical service provided for the product. You can do research on the prevalence of technical service points and service quality. It is very easy to access this kind of information on the internet.

The price part is of course a topic related to your budget, but we do not recommend that you escape from a place without reliability of the price. We don't know if the computer breaks down and does not come from the repair of your work.

Already your computer get better.

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