What is Php Smarty Function and Block, how to make Smarty

The Smarty used with PHP is a template system. Thanks to Smarty, there is no need to add tags into php pages.

echo "Hi:". $ name. "";

This method is not wrong, but when making large websites, it takes time to find and replace HTML tags between PHP codes and slows down. Especially when there will be a design change on the site, everything is intertwined.

The following method is used to write Smarty Function:


In the Smarty/Plugins folder, a file is added with the name Plugin.

sample Plugin Name: Let's say it will be.

The file to be produced should be as follows:


The file will be as follows:

& lt; ("Y-M-D");

When you want to use this function within the TPL file, you can define as follows.

Today's date: { History

Smarty Function

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