Why is the CNC lathe bench used

CNC lathe bench; It is a kind of production tool designed to use the labor force more actively and efficiently. On the CNC counter;

  • Grand Labor Call
  • Freeze counter
  • drill bench
  • Hole Magnification Call
  • Grinding bench

is available. Each counter has its own functions and features. CNC stalls finish the job more quickly with the advantage of time in manual operations. The working level of the counter is always in series and the same. The transition to parts manufacturing is more fast. However, there are negative aspects of the CNC counter; It requires a detailed implication plan, the cost of the counter is high, and the periodic maintenance should be made by authorized persons regularly. CNC Router with cutting and hollow opening operations are also done.

areas where CNC is used;

  • welding
  • Press
  • Inspection and Control
  • assembly

CNC Torna Tezgahı nedir

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