Weekend holiday deals

Intensive work tempo `s overwhelmed by the weekends that you want to evaluate occasionally with the holiday getaways are evaluated in more lover. You will be.

Especially for those who live in Istanbul, there are many hotels and hostels that are found at short distances to evaluate the weekend. . If you want to sunbathe with the sound of the sea by the sea sunbathing.

Weekend Holiday Plan

  • You can take your camp equipment and someone you love with you and make a forest trip set by tour companies.
  • If you like the sea and the sun, you can choose one of many Ponations or hotels that offer accommodation while continuing from Istanbul to Şile.
  • There are many hotels that can make the weekend in the center of Istanbul feel like you have gone on vacation.
  • Another beauty paradise that is close to Istanbul will not come to mind in Sapanca, you can experience a weekend holiday.

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