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If you feel a problem or regret in yourself. This is a proof of Allah's help and love for you.

With your values ​​and thoughts, you are worth the two realms, but what should I do that you do not know your own value.

There are some people that greetings and greetings come from the smell of business.

To the edge of the sea, the feet have a trail. But after entering the sea, neither the trail remains, nor the sign.

You are not our image, look at our secret.

Nobody died of opinion, no one was the sultan with ambition.

After being with God, death is also pleasant in life.

Honey eating, not from bee.

One candle does not lose anything from the light by igniting the other.

How happy he sees his own bear to anyone.

All of our promises are cash, others are transplant. Explain the word

so that Havas and the Commons will benefit.

Erecaği everyone's mind, tell in a way that his opinion will understand.

We are those who say in a beautiful style,

We are a student of Christ;

If you stay in the pagperestsin. Leave the image of the world, look at the meaning.

on the pilgrimage on the way to the pilgrimage.

Look at its shape, color;

Isn't it even if the color is black, it's the same purpose as you, the same is in your color, you are white for him.

Whatever you look at, the room looks at you.

There is a burning, there is a burning, the wood will be ash when it burns, the person becomes a servant when it burns.

If you do not have a beautiful heart to pray, ask for a prayer from the beautiful one.

Don't say that it is mine for nothing.

GÖNÜL, COMMERCIAL, take a friend, but never get curse.

Thank God I pray to my tomorrow, I will not look at the multiple.

Before training the tongue, nurture your heart, because the word comes from the mouth.

Everyone has a problem, every problem is a pain, my pain is not unbearable, but there is also a salt step.

They said;

You will leave the hand at all, you will hold the hand of the hand at all.

The heart that does not carry the pain belongs to the madman or the dead.

If a friend, give a thinking life, if not a friend, give no waiting way.

When it is broken, the yeast neither recognizes nor haya.

What a problem of my heart, ask me what my wraps, ask me, what the fire of my heart come to me come with your eyes now.

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