Mevlana beautiful words

The most beautiful words sung by Rumi Mevlana Celeddini:

__ Love Sharia is separate from all religions. The Sharia of the Lovers is Allah, and the sect is

__ Ask the nights if you do not know what, those yellow faces, these dry lips ask
__asl in the rosary, prayer rug, repentance, sophistication, avoiding sin, all of them are the head of the road. The righteous passenger was deceived and he thought he would reach them

__ love you should come from Allah. What must be for God. Or it should be delivered to Allah; Otherwise, it must be one

__AŞK, similar to the case, to attract cefa is also a witness. If you don't have a witness, you can't win the case

__ mind, even if all the ways to go, can not know the way of love again, will remain surprised.

__ Don't envy others, there are many people that they envy your life

__ If a person believes that he does not need anyone but Allah; God does not need him either

__ seem to be like a door key calling from the lock. Do you think my word is just a word

__CAN, in learning thousands of decency from love, so decency that there is no way to read and learn in schools.

Because he; Knows the price of everything, not its value.

__Dün grass was under my feet today. Do you see? Earth covers everything other than sins.

__ eden makes itself. Who finds and pulls. Don't forget! Win a big lifetime!

__ I am as faithful as you are, pray, give charity. You cannot give hope, instill trust and leave the heart of the heart of the heart of the heart of both worlds

__ __ to find someone to find someone, you will find to find. Make ingenuity to cover the defect! Then you will be perfect

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