How old is Niall Horan

Niall James Horan 13 September 1993 Birthplace is Mulingar Ireland. Niall is 20 years old in 2013.

NIall HORAN lyrics

I do not come out with models, because the models are perfect. Excellence is boring.

I'm sure I will marry a directioner in the future.

My favorite female artist Cherly Cole, male artist is Michael Bubble

I just want a girlfriend that makes me smile even when you look.

niall I love hair I think I'm a hair fetish.

Favorite female artist Cherly Cole, male artist is Michael Bubble

Favorite Movie Grease

Normally left -handed, but I am playing the guitar with right hand.

Like other 1D members, he wants to work with Bruno Mars in Niall.

Irish dances when bored.

One day when he arrived at LAX airport, he sang the song in The Usa of Miley Cyrus.

likes shy girls.

Niall was eating less. His friends call Niall's abstinence.

If a girl plays with Niall's hair, it will like it.

Favorite color green

Instead of drowning in the sea of ​​mayonnaise, a fat prefers to lick the armpit.

The meaning of the name niall means champion.

Niall Harry Potter was sleepy at the premiere and other members of the group did their best to keep him sober.

Zayn: Niall is my idol

Niall: Oh my God! You are my idol and my idol is my idol !!

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