What does romance mean

Romanticism means that emotions and enthusiasm come to the fore.

Romanticism 18. At the end of the 19th Yzüyıl emerged at the beginning of the 19th face. Romantism was first staged with the first work of Literature Hugo Hugo `s Hernai. Romantism existed as the opposite reaction to Klasism. existed.

Romanticism Representative

vıctor hugo

J.J. Rousseau




Aleksandre Dumas

Alfrede also musset


Lord Byron



Turkish Literature Romantic Representatives

Tanzimat Literature

Namık Kemal (novels and theaters)

Ahmet Mithat (with his first novels)

Recaizade Mahmut Ekrem (with his poems)

Abdülhak Hamit (with theaters)

Ziya Pasha (poems)

Recaizade Mahmut Ekrem poems example;

ah nijad! ...

longing for me when burning

A hand walks from ice on my body

While looking at your dream crazy

closure, my eyes are in blood

This separation came to me very much

My soul is my sick broken arm

Come to me or pull me there

my eyes, my son, my nijad`s.

Examples of Ziya Pasha's Romanticism Poems;

Yâran disintegrated chat-i tavern left

Be, be a conversation, that's not the prophet

I do not put the old purposes from the küy-ü

supposedly there is no divane left with love.

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