Teachers' Day Poetry List

24 November Teachers' Day approaching you, dear Education Yeli You should memorize a beautiful poem for your teachers and you should read this poem about the eyes of your teacher proudly. They can be comfortable.

Teachers' Day Poems

Like a father like a mother

teacher do you know
How I Love You?

not the mother, not like the mother,
not a father, like a father
teacher, I love you too
like a life in life ...

Head Teacher

Atatürk is my,
head teacher,
whatever I learned,
I learned from him ..

He always thought,
For his nation,
cried, laughed.

Children with my heart,
first I liked him,
Atatürk is mine,
My head teacher.

My dear teacher

Student is a sapling,
teacher rain.

The teacher guiding the student,
Teaches the student to read.

My dear teacher

Dear teacher,
believe you are a light.
You burn day and night.
you illuminate us. PP>

You keep our hearts.

illuminates the environment,
you melt like a candle.

My only teacher

I always want to kiss those compassionate hands.

I was counting in my place, you took it away.

My source of knowledge, my dear teacher.

If I always spend at school days, nights,

If I learn earlier, the letters, syllables,

You are hidden in you,

I would like to take it too, my only teacher.

I wouldn't want to be unfaithful nights. PP>

My dear teacher

I always want to kiss those compassionate hands.
I was counting in my place and took it forward.
You always taught me that good information. , Nights,
If I learn earlier, letters, syllables. If I am, I read the syllables.

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