Subcontractor system and subcontractor workers

The subcontractor system is an increasing working system. The subcontractor, which is called as a subcontractor in the law, is the organizations that do the auxiliary works of an institution. In other words, the shopping center is the main employer, while the cleaning company is a sub -employer. Subcontractor workers are employees operating in jobs that will help the main work to work rather than the main job of the parent company or in jobs that require expertise. They are responsible to the subcontractor to which they are affiliated as responsibility. The subcontractor is responsible for the original employer.

Which workers mostly work as subcontracted workers?

  • Construction Workers
  • Cleaning workers
  • Security guards
  • Maden-Steel Workers
  • IT employees
  • Workers working in various positions in the public sector (such as highways workers, state hospitals employees, university employees, cleaning workers in the municipality)

    Why are subcontracted workers prefer?

  • Less cost: One of the main reasons for companies' use of subcontractors is to reduce costs. They can do their jobs by paying lower wages because they do not cover costs such as insurance.
  • Expertise Assurance: Thanks to the work left to the subcontractor, companies can do their jobs for those who are experts. The subcontractor firm has assured this.
  • Being dealing with a single person: Another reason for companies' subcontracting is that they are responsible for the subcontractors instead of being one by one with the workers. In this way, they are not interested in the problems and complaints from the workers.
  • What are the problems of subcontracted workers?

  • Low wages (it is worth noting that most of them receive minimum wage. Although they have increased salaries according to their expertise, the main employer is also higher salaries.)
  • Problems during working hours
  • Missing and/or late paid fees
  • The incomplete deposit of insurance premiums
  • job security deprivation
  • Problems with annual leave
  • Severance pay
  • The imbalance of holidays
  • Employment of both employers and by the company as a subcontractor
  • Problems with Unionization
  • Politicians who promises to subcontract workers during each upcoming election period do very few of these promises after the election or none of them. Especially the main employer employees and subcontractors demand both less wage and job security, although they do the same job. These demands can rarely turn into staff or vary in a small extent.

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