How to make a website

You need to buy two products to build a real website.

What is necessary on a website.

1- Domain: The name of the website appears. For example, you need to give $ 10 annually to get a name like

2- Hosting : The computer that stores the files you will put into the website is called hosting.

As you know, websites are not in space. It is usually in central computer warehouses in cities such as Istanbul or Texas. These computers remain open for 24 hours and have electrical cutting and virus protection. The money paid for hosting is required in this section. The cheapest hosting companies start at $ 40 - $ 50. The expensive computers called dedicated are around $ 150 per month. Sites that attract more visitors are presented with a network system called Cloud Hosting. According to the number of visitors, it reaches and passes to $ 300-500 per month.

How to make a website

If you are going to use the website for your personal tastes, you can start and start one of the ready -made scripts called WordPress or Joomla.

If you want an advanced quality site, you need to design with Dreamweaver program and Photoshop.

For more advanced sites, php or aspx is required, while Eclipse, PhPed or Microsoft Studio is used as a program. CSS Lessons and JQuery with JavaScript.

Web sitesi kurmak için gerekenler

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