How to install php

PHP is not an exe running on its own, Apache and usually operate efficiently together. To make a php, first download and install one of the necessary programs. When you buy a host while making a website, it comes in a state of php and mysql.

PHP operating system is installed in three separate sections as APACHE, PHP and MySQL during the institution. But there are easy installation packages for Windows users. You can install php in a very short time by downloading the software below. Since each program has its own setup package, you don't have to work too much. It will be very useful especially for new learners of PHP. There are different resources about PHP Script.

  • Wamp Server (established server)

  • wos portable (portable server)

You can download Wamp for Windows and install a server. Using php 5 is a very up -to -date software. After downloading the program, click the Next options and finish the installation.


Php hangi programla yapılır

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