What are the foul types in basketball

In basketball players have the right to make 5 fouls. If they pass the five fouls, they will be thrown out of the game and cannot enter the game again. However, a person who has not filled 5 fouls in the game can come out somewhere in the game and get back to another place. The foul of the players alone is important in the fouls made by their teams. The foul of each garder affects the total foul. When they reach 4 faules as a team, the opponent team gains the right to free throw in every foul after 4 fouls. Each successful free throw earns 1 point.

Foul is to make irregular personal contact and non -sportsmanic behavior to the opponent.

We can summarize the situations that will create fouls as follows.

1- Offensive foul: It is a form of foul processed by the attack player. Such fouls are usually made up of the offensive player who has the ball intentionally made to the defense player who wants to stop the ball. When the game is stopped, an offensive is called a foul and a warning is given to the ball.

2- Hand Check Ful: A form of foul processed by the defense player. Hand Check is a movement to keep the defender's attack player under control with his hands.

3- Holding Ful: This type of foul may be processed by the defense or offensive team. When a player uses his hands to intervene in the opponent's movement, the holding foul occurs. The same applies to the feet. Below is a good idea to look at the picture below.

4-Illegal Screen Ful: A player is a form of foul formed by the defense player to move to block and contact.

5-Cast foul: When a defender makes a foul for the purpose of stopping the clock, he would have made intentional fouls.

6-Technical Ful: Any player movement is a form of foul when damaging the vote in the form of abuse. Technical foul also includes disrespect to the referee and/or the audience.

7-Flagrant foul: It is a form of foul that contains unnecessary or excessive contact. The player who makes this foul is disqualified from the game.

8-shooting Foul: The ball is called the faule.

Shooting foul;

If the shot from the field is successful, the number will be valid. In addition, 1 free throw will be given.

If the shot from the 2 -point area fails, the right to 2 free throw will be given.

If the shooting from the 3 -point area fails, 3 free throws will be given.

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