Belly Melting Ways

If you complain about your belly oils, it is useful to consume beans, lentils and chickpeas. As fruit, you can consume cherries, cherry and strawberries. In addition, dried apricots and squeezed winter fruits are among the most effective foods in weight loss. The properties of these foods will keep you full. You need to consume up to 35 grams of foods per day.

Ice cold water is the best drink as a beverage. This is because it is calorie. Cold water gives the stomach a feeling of satiety. Stay away from alcoholic beverages, energy drinks, hazr coffees.

The most positive sports for the belly environment are Kickbox, racket games, Squash, Krarol (Crawl) swimming and tennis. The specified sports help you burn 475 calories when one hour is applied. Riding a bike is the most negative sport for the belly and abdominal muscles and has no benefit.

The most practical way to lose weight is: not to consume more food than you need daily, to calculate your daily calorie needs you can use our calorie calculation page.

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