I was a child, how was the nursery rhyme?

I was small,
I played the ball,
I found it on the ground bi plum,
grabbed bi alageyik ..

deer escaped forest,
rode a white nature.
Doğan, the path was surprised,
stuck from Kaf Mountain.

threw me into a lake
I left the lake in a desert,
I found the trail in the desert,
I ran the knee.

When the deer saw me,
fell to great joy.
gave me an apple,
he said, rest, stop. Quick enough for the mansion.
Waiting for you is eternal,
there is the beautiful world.

Thousand years of ordeal is filled
He said it disappeared. > Terrible giants horted,
Jinn, javelin played.
I also looked, angels,
flowers at the beginning.

ties the giants,
crying secretly.
I took off my sword,
I saved the fairies.

Fairies I saved,
Step step back,
would open the wing,
salute, escaped

I went a little, I wandered,
I reached the golden mansion.
One door was open,
the other was closed.

by opening the closed,
I revealed the cover.

I fed the grass at the horse,
I fed the meat.
I opened an diamond room;

Where is the world beautiful?
said, hand in hand.
I turned, I looked at a
beautiful girl in Kyrgyz dress.

Stopped with me,
lightning flashed in my life.
said he laughed, the Turkish bey
did you recognize the deer?

Nobody could get me from this giant
, but you,
rock pierced, mountain help,
came, you saved me.

Oh he ış I understand,
I cried from my joy
I said, Turan Angel
Turk's supreme wish!

One hundred million Turks at this moment
Waits you Turanda.
Come on, let's get quickly,
split the darkness;

The faint quarry revives,
The poor country is glory
We landed, we caressed,
We jumped to the horse back.
closure, too years,
Open! I said, opened.

When he gave way, the secret dormitory,
took us Bozkurt,
Kaf Mountain passed through the mountain,
brought the Turkish hand.

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