What does rhyme means

The rhyme as a meaning: "Rolling in the mouth, nonsense rhyme word, talk with the words of the words" means.

Rhymes are in some literary genres such as fairy tales, stories, riddles and theater or independently said. You can have an idea by looking at our comprehensive rhyme samples.

Nursery rhymes are used to have a pleasant time in the children's folklore, to increase the ability to speak, to select spouses and midwife selection in games. Fairy tale rhyme, game rhyme. In children's games, it is said at the beginning and end of the fairy tales.

It is known that rhymes are told with different names according to the region. Upholstery in Eastern Anatolia is called Counting in Southern Anatolia.

Karagöz and Ortaoyununa Muhavere is known as the midwife selection in the children's game. The first rhyme examples in Turkish literature XI. century. There are some rhymes in Divanü Lügat-it-Türk.

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