When will Ekin Koç play in a new series

Ekin Koç screens fox, the series I will give you a secret in the acting life that caught a big out of the handsome actor I will give you a secret series with the final of the series for a long time.

The news that fans are waiting with a great excitement was recently published. The handsome actor who will appear in front of the Sevenleri with a different character in front of this success in a short time thanks to my name Gultepe series is the leading acting.

Ayça Bingöl, who plays the character of Gülümser in the series, Eşref character Mete Horozoğlu, Halil character revives İlker Kızmaz. It is also understood.

Ekin Koç`s new series of my name Gültepe Detailed Information For Detailed Information My name is at Gültepe.

Ekin Koç ne Zaman yeni bir dizide oynayacak

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