What is Kerem Bursin New Series

Kerem Bursin, who caught a great break in his acting life with his popular series called Sunken on Channel D screens, disappointed all his fans with the final of the series while waiting for the Sun.

The series `s season finale, whether to make a final decision to make a final decision of all Kerem Bursin fans shocked. After the Final of the Final of the Handsome player who was not visible for a while after the Final of Dizi.

Channel D screens will be broadcast on the new series named Honor The New Season is preparing to meet with fans. Yeni series `Yasemin Allen and Şükrü Özyıldız will share the leading role with the handsome actor will again sign a big love.

Kerem Bursin `s new series of detailed information for the issue of honor Honor issue

Kerim bursin yeni bir dizide oynayacakmı

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