What is emo how to be, who is called emo

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What does emo mean

EMO is a style adopted among some young people, the person who is emo is easily separated from many other groups with his speech and shape.

Roots are based on Hardcore Punk music in the 1980s, introduced with Pop Punk and Indie Rock music in the later periods and emerged as a different movement movement in the 2000s. The EMO abbreviation is derived from the terms "Emotive Hardcore" and "Screamo". Today, "Emo Pop" or "Emo Punk Pop" style has taken its place as music.

EMO -style young people do not address themselves with this name, they have more emotional and excluding society.

EMO Young people can easily be separated from others with their music, clothing, makeup and jewelry. People in this trend do not laugh too much, do not interfere with the society, even among themselves do not circulate in crowded groups.

Some people who find life meaningless and ridiculous are also called emo. But EMO may laugh when it comes. Love and sensuality is the essence of being an emo.

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Chamber of Electrical Engineers - EMO was founded in 1954. Later, it was redefined as a public institution as a public institution defined in Article 135 of the 1982 Constitution.

The number of EMO, which includes electricity, electronics, computer and bio-imagination engineers, is over 45,000. The center of the room is located in Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir and various cities. EMO contains various engineering branches. But membership is not compulsory.

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