What does freelance mean

What is freelance : Experts working without being connected to any company are called freelance.

Freelance means working as a word. The word means "independent warrior" in English. In general, it is used in the sense that people who do not work in a company do business from outside.

It is especially seen in areas such as graphic design works, translators, design projects, website. The person working on a freelance is not a salary, but by pricing on his work, or with an hourly work. Working hours also vary according to one's request. Freelance employee is obliged to do the employer's work only, insurance and other needs of the customer do not concern the customer. Freelance is a way that some companies prefer a period; In case of excessive work or too high quality work, freelance employees are sought. Freelance employee can work faster and smoothly, which creates an advantageous situation for employers.

more moderate attitudes exhibit and can act flexible than the elements in the freelance company; For example, when the salary is delayed in the workplace, normal elements feel uncomfortable because their only source of livelihood is the workplace, while Freelance can find a job from many channels and look at other workplaces. There are many workplaces with contracted and connection. If necessary, call their links and evaluate job offers.

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