How to treat Facebook addiction

Facebook is the share of an internet social network that creates addiction as a disease when you spend more than thirty hours when people are used to visually being affected by people.

People who spend time on the internet start to spend more time in time and do not realize this. Whoever has himself away from them. He feels that he does not need them and lives in a completely virtual environment. He feels as he feels. .Sevgililer, no friendships you can say no longer virtual marriages. Internet addiction is causing a person away from real life and causes mental disorder.

Ways to get rid of internet addiction

1) Set the time you will walk around

2) Change the hours you access the internet during the day

3) Determine the clock interval for yourself within the day

4) Alarm installation for you to get out of the internet in the time range you set

5) Getting away from virtual friends on social network sharing sites.

6) Not to enter the game and chat applications on the internet or social sites.

7) Avoid neglecting your work.

8) To get spiritual support from an expert.

Facebook bağımlılık yaptı nasıl kurtulurum

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