Texas Holdem Poker Cheats

Facebook's excellent game Texas Holdem Poker, some of the business as entertainment, but for some, this game has made a sector. Because there is a trade of virtual chips won here. 1M Chip is sold at a price of approximately 2-2.5 TL.

In this game, the purpose should be only fun. Even if the game should not be deposited in any way, the reason for the game should not be a passion for gambling instead of pleasure. Texas Holdem Poker is only a Facebook application and has reached large audiences thanks to Facebook. Texas Hold`em poker, there are two types of games; Normal Game (Classic Game) and Tournament Game (Tournaments) is `.

Sitting on the tables in normal games, it is free to get up and no entrance fee. In tournament games, each table is opened according to a certain game fee. When you first start the game, press the Play Now button to enter a table that suits your budget and level directly from normal tables. The money in the game is called the money chip.

When sitting at the table, you have a certain level of chip in front of you. It is the quantity that you put on the table without your chips and you can increase it as you wish.

Texas Holdem Poker Operation of the Game

In the game, 2 cards are distributed to anyone on the table. And in turn, bets open one by one. The entrance fee according to tables is different. For example, amateur players can enter lower paid tables and professional level players can enter higher tables. This amount of money at the bottom right. If you want to enter that hand, you view the amount specified in the table by clicking Call. Or you are pulling by making a fold. If someone makes a raise after you, that is, if it increases the amount on the table, you can see it on request or you can make and withdraw fold. After all bets are taken in order, 3 more cards are opened on the ground. And again bets are taken in order. A total of 5 cards are opened to the ground. Betting continues until 5 cards are opened. Then it takes the money accumulated in the middle with the highest hand in the game. In the game, it is called Pot.

Play cards sequences to win

  • Royal Flush: Making 10-J-Q-K-A of the same cards (for example, all the cups will be the cup)
  • Straight Flush: 4-5-6-7-8 from the same cards (it can be a higher series)
  • Four of a Kind: 4 Lü, (Fine 4-Cup 4-Maca 4-Karo 4? and Any Card)
  • FULL HOUSE: MAKING 3 LU AND Double (Fly 5-Kupa 5- Tile 5- Match 3- Cup 3) (It may be higher)
  • Flush: Making 5 of the same cards (Flies 5- Fly 6- Fly 10- Fly J- Fly K)
  • Straight: Making series from any cards (such as 5-6-7-8-9)
  • THREE OF A Kind: Making 3 (Fly 3-Caro 3-Machine 3- and any 2 cards)
  • Two Pair: Making 2 doubles (Fly 5-Karo 5- Match 10-Kupa 10- and any card)
  • One pair to make 1 duo (Tile 4- Cup 4- any 3 cards)
  • High Card: If there is no one in the top, it takes the highest card.

    Card Illustrated Narratives

    Royal Flash Series

    Straight Flush sequence

    Four of A Cindere Sizes

    Full House Series

    Flush sequence

    Straight sequence

    Three of A Cindere Sizes

    Two pair sequence

    One pair sequence

    Game You can see detailed narratives and game guys from the help button during the game. Texas Holdem poker tricks are circulating on the internet and these tricks provide unfair competition because they give superiority in the game.

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