What does sin mean, which are great sins

sin; It is a form of behavior that is considered a crime according to religious view. In other words, it is called a sin to do any behavior that God forbids.

sins are divided into two as great sins and small sins.

Great sins;

  • Running shirk; It is called worshiping others to deny the existence of Allah. It is among the greatest sins, there is no forgiveness,
  • To make a magic, to make it,
  • Unfairly killing man,
  • Eating orphan goods,
  • Eating interest,
  • escape from the war,
  • To commit suicide,
  • gambling,
  • To make adultery,
  • To slander honorable Muslim women,
  • servant right,

The above mentioned sins are among the great sins. Other sins are among the small sins.

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