Who is Allah, where is it?

Allah: It is the name of the only, wife and unique creator defined in the Holy Quran. In order to belong to the Islamic religion, first of all, it is necessary to believe in the existence of Allah.

Allah has 99 names of these names are called Esma-ül Hüsna. These names are adjectives that define it. Muslims; After the word of Allah, they use praise words such as Celle Celaluhu (C.C.) or Teala (Supreme).

Allah is defined in the Qur'an, closer to human beings than the jugular vein at the same time is on everything. Everything starts in it and ends in it. There is nothing that has no part of it. He created everything.

In all religions, the existence of a power that has superior creator or superior power than human beings is known. Even atheists do not accept a creator, but believe that there is a power that balances everything under the name of nature. From a point of view, the balance and perfection of the universe is a meaningful and respected event even to atheists.

Allah ne demek

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