Hz. What's our Prophet Ali

Hz Ali Abu Talib `s son was born 23 years before the emigration.Hz.ali Prophet (saas) was the son of our master's uncle was 8 years old and he did not accept the idol before becoming a Muslim. . Ali is the closest person to him in his death as in his life.

Hz. Ali is the one who has the most in the Companions of the Prophet. It is said that the masters and taqwa owners of the guardians say the imam.

Hz Ali is called the lion of Allah for the reason. Muhammad encounters a lion while rising to Hakka and he frightens, Gabriel Aleyyisselam on it, do not be afraid of Muhammad Aslan asks you a souvenir. Muhammad throws the ring on his finger to the lion, the lion goes into his mouth. Hz. Muhammad returned from the Mirac and tells the Companions Miracı Hz. Ali enters the Masjid and removed the ring in his mouth Hz. He gives back to Muhammad. Here is the nickname of Allah's lion.

Hz. Ali Peygamber mi

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