How to play bet?

What is the bet?

ADDAA is a sports estimate game. Football, basketball, handball, volleyball, tennis, and Formula 1 is a type of bet that allows you to predict the parties to win. It is to predict the side of the betting competition before the start of the sports competition and to make money if it is true.

How to bet on betting?

There are many options to bet on betting;


2. The first half result

3. The first half and match results

4. Total Goals Result

5. Lower and upper

6. Mutual goal

7. Double chance

Now let me tell you how to play the options I mentioned above.

1.Mac results game

In the match results game, estimates are made about the results of the matches. There are 3 possible results for this game.
Winning of the home team "1".
The away team's winning "2"

In the coupon, the match results of the match results are marked in accordance with the minimum number of bets specified in the program.

1, 0 or 2 results or two of the results can be marked.

The match results should be estimated at least 4, up to 15.
If no number is specified in the minimum number of bets, at least 4 estimates should be made for the match result game.

2. The first half half of

The host team won the first 45 minutes: "1? The result of the match ends:

Participation, the code of the match wants to play, the left side of the coupon signs.

forecasts to the right of the coupon In the estimation area, both the first half and the match results in the section 1, 0, 2 marks the boxes specified as. If the first half / match result should be estimated at least 2.

3. First half results and match results

The first half result is estimated with the match result. There are 9 results that can be released in the first half / match results game.

4.Toplam goal result

Total number of goals
is the type of game in which the total number of goals scored by both teams is estimated in a match.

For example;
340 coded Barcelona-Real Madrid match if you estimate that the total number of goals will be 1 or 0 will be 1 or 0 after marking the match code, you mark the 0-1 box from the boxes in the total number of goals.2 or 3 goals 2-3, 2-3, 2-3, 4-6, 7gol or more goals will be 4-6, 7+ if you guess that there will be 4-6 goals. You can mark the 7+ option.

5. Lower and upper

To estimate whether the total number of goals that the two sides will score is 2 or less 3 or more in the match. If you say that there will be 2 or less goals in the match, you say "six". No, the match passes with plenty of goals, 3 or more goals if you predict "top" you say.

Is it easier to win in this game?
Absolutely because there are only 2 options in this game instead of 3: six and above. That's why you are more likely to win. Also much simpler to play Sixth.

In the coupon above, the match code is 126 in the match selected and as you can see (ü) is marked. In this match, the bottom reputation of the upper reputation (a) is used by the lower preference.

6.The scorer

7th Chief chance

If you want to give a lot of options for a match in the betting, double chance can be played.

Abundant earnings

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