When did the claim started

Iddaa in Turkey began to operate in 2004. As well as betting on domestic teams, gambling can be played for matches in 185 leagues in foreign leagues. Iddaa System is managed by Spor Toto.

Some of the technical terms used in the game game are briefly described as follows:

League: Foreign or domestic league name in İddaa

Match Code: Each football match played in İddaa is shown with a different number.

Handicap (H): Iddaa It is a system trick to balance the status of the teams. For example, a handicap must score at least 2 goals to win a team of 1. If a goal scores, the match is done as if the match is finished.

H (E): Handicap given for the host team in İddaa. At least this number should be estimated in the betting coupon. For example, if MBS 2 writes, it is necessary to play at least two matches.

İdda Türkiyede Ne Zaman Başladı

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