Name: Meanings


Adaş: Those who are names, each of the same name, sibling, acquired, friend
Adam: The first man / man created by Allah
Fair: Fair / Right
Adnan: Old Turkish names / Two sky, in the sense of two paradise
agah: knowledgeable / know / news / awake

Baha: Value Price, Principal
Bahadır: Yiğit, Hero, Atak, Eye from the branch of the branch
Bahri: Sea, sailor, seaing, eternity
Bahtiyar: Happy , fortunate, satisfied with his life
Baki: The continuity, the forever, the endless, endless, no end
Balaban: A kind of predatory bird. A large breed Doğan (Bird)
Baran: The factors that turn stasis into movements, the feature that breaks resistance or causes resistance, power, great, high
Barbaros: The name of the Great Turkish Admiral, whose real name is Khidr, the name of Europeans.
Barış : After war or resentment, the reconciliation of the two sides, the agreement
Barlas: Good war, warrior valiant

Can: Man's own existence, life, individual person, soul, strength force
Candemir: Solid like iron, iron like iron, iron live
Caner: BR> Cankut: Happy Nobody, Uğurlu Can
Canol: Be My Life, Be My Dear, Be Me Canpolat: Canpolat: Live like Polat, Live, Live, Steel Nobody like
Cansın: You are very friendly

Cantekin: Biricik Can, Can Şehzade
Celayir: The name of one of the branches of the Mongols
Cengiz: Yılmaz, Dönmez, Softening Nobody, Strong Nobody, The real name of Timuçin and the founder of the Great Mongol Empire, Cengiz Han
Ceyhun: a river in Central Asia
Cindoruk: The highest point of a mountain, its peak
Coşkun: Enthusiastic, does not fit into its container

Çağan: Happy Day, Bayram
Çağatay: Cengiz Khan's son
Çağdan: Age
Contemporary: At the same time, living, suitable for our age, : Çağıl Çağıl Akar, Çağıldar, Akar Akar Akar
ÇAĞLAYAN: A river falls from the heights, rye
Çakır: A hunter bird who is born or like a hawk, a hazel -eyed person
Çelebi: Bey, Aga, Görgülü and Nobody fine
Steel: Water is given and hardened iron, Polat
Çetin: Working road, difficult to get, difficult, easy, easy, hard, hard, steep

Dağhan: Oguz Khan's son, according to the old Turkish belief
genius: genius, intelligence is very superior
Demirel: Strong El
Demirkan: Robust and strong blood < BR> Ironol: Be strong like iron

Ecevit: Ifacan, does not fit in hand, very naughty
Edip: decently decent - Interesting with literature
Edis: Dear, Ulu Yüce, High
Ediz: valuable high
Efdal: the most valuable highest. : Trusted, believed nobody
Emir: Reis, tribal head, commander
Emrah: Saz stolen and playing
Emre: lover, friend, beylerbeyi, great brother
Ender: elite, unique, uniquely found

fadıl: virtuous, superior person. More advanced, superior
Faruk: concludes a job
Fazıl: Virtuous, spiritual value superior
fehmi / fehim: understanding, quick grasping
individual: Individual, alone. BR> FERHAT: comfort
Feridun: alone, unique. . Salute.
Feyyaz: Berekeli, lush, efficient. Hand.
feyzi: Efficiency, abundance
Euphrates: A river name. It passes through Turkey and poured into the basra.

Galip: eaten, outstanding
gani: rich, generous, abundant, very much, enough for the hand
Gazi: wounded in the war
Gediz: pond, Gölcük, Aegean region A river; A district that is named after this river
Gencay: See. Gençay
Gencer: lad, young valiant see. Gençer
Gencay: Newborn Moon, First Moon
Gençer: Length, Young Yigit
Giray: Suitable, formerly given to the Crimean Khans
Gökalp: Gök Gözlü Yigit
Gökay: Gök and Moon like the Moon Beautiful
Gökbay: Sky and rich person
Gökçe: Gökrengi, Göğce

Hakan: Great Han, Hanlar Han
Haldun: Heart, heart -Light
Halil: Integrated, friendly very close friend
halim: soft -tempered, calm creature Halit: ongoing, continuous, late aging
Haluk: Good morality with everyone
Hamdi: Praise, thanks. Believing in the unity of God
Aaron: grumpy horse, stubborn
Hasan: Beauty, good behavior, goodness, goodness
haşim: crushing, breaking, smashing
Haşmet: Great, greatness, magnitude, victory
vital: vital , important about life
Haydar: lion / very brave
Hayrettin: No, no owner
Hayri: No, about good
Hayrullah: God is auspicious
Hazar: Peace / place in a place Sitting state
Hıfzı: hiding, protecting, memory
Hıncal: revenge in the sense of revenge
Khidr: Running to the aid of the narrow
guidance: the right way to call / guide

Ilgaz: The highest mountains community

ibrahim: Idris in the sense of the father of the rights in Hebrew
Idris: A white -colored tree breed
Ihsan: forgive, help, goodness
ildeniz: country, the sea of ​​the country, < BR> İlhami: About Born
İlhan: A Country's sovereign inn
Ilkay: The status of the first days of the Moon, Hilal
İlker: First Yigit, First Yigit, First Man
Ilyas: Mersin Tree < BB>

kaan _ kagan: ruler, khan's inn
Kadir: Value, honor, subtlety
Kadri: reputation, value
about the value of the war in war, brave
Kamer: Moonlight
kamil: complete, complete, mature
Kandemir: Robust blood, blood is intact, solid iron
November: divided into parts
rock: large and hard stone mass, hard Hard
kayahan: Hard Hakan like rock
Kazım: Overdity, anger does not reveal
Kemal: Maturity in terms of knowledge and virtue
Kemalettin: Information and virtue owner

latif: Allah's servant
Levent: World, Being
Lutfi: Lutfulullah: Lutfullah: very praised, praised

Macit: glory and honor
Mahir: Master, every job that comes from his hand
Mahmut: Praise value
Mahzun: sad, emotional, sad
Malik: Owners , Efendi
Malkoç: The ancestor of Malkoçoğullar, a famous raide, the name of Malkoç Mustafa Bey, the name
mazhar: where something appears to appear
Mecnun: crazy, not sane
Mehmet: Aslı in Arabic, Muhammad, very praised in the sense of very praised
Melih: Beautiful, cute
Melik: ruler, Han
Memduh: praised, worth praised
Menderes: A river name in the Aegean region
Meriç: Irm> Merih: 5 in our solar system. planet
mert: the word, the word, standing in the word
mesut: happy, joyful, cheerful
Mete: Great Hun Emperor
Text: solid, durable

naci: saved, salvation
nail: seizing, muradına eren
naim: sleeping, sleepy, asleep
namik: Author, writer writer
Nazım: edited by , arranging
nazmi: meter, rhyme about/ regular
necat: salvation, salute
necati: salvation
necdet: strong and fearless
necip: descendants clean, generous
Necmettin: Religion `s star
necmi: stars, stars
Nedim: close friend, sincere friend
nejat: Soy, original, account
Neşet: growing, occurrence
Nevzat: Newborn Child
Nezih: Clean, Pak, Seçkin
Nihat: Nature, Huy
Niyazi: Begging, Capital
Nizam: Sequence, array, order, rule
Nizamettin: regular, organized < Br> Nizami: In accordance with the rules, edit

Ogün: Certain day, known, expected day
Oğulcan: Can son
Oguz: Right and good man, solid, strong
Okan: Understanding, learning
Okay: Like, don't appreciate
Okcan: Right like arrow
okman: archer, arrow throwing arrow
Oktar: arrow carrier
Oktay: Very furious, angry
Okyar: Read apart > Olcay: What is the thing that organizes coincidences, so that what is thought to prepare good or bad situations for people, luck, fortune
Olcayto: Bahtı open, fortunate

öc> Öcal: Receiving revenge, inherited field
advice: to someone, the word that should be or not to do or not to do the word
Ökmen: Smart, Zeki
Ömer: Dirlik, Life Life Life Power
Önal: Always Being ahead
Önay: Hilal
Leader: Leader, Manager, Chef
Öner: Leading Yigit leading man
pride: because of boasting, rejoicing, joy, Kıvanç

PARS: An animal that lives in hot countries, a predatory animal
Pasha: A Military title / brother, brother
Peker: Strong Men
Polat: Hardened, Water Given Iron

rafet: mercy , elevation.
Ramadan: Ramous-acting-acting-acting
Rami: Shooter, bullet throwing
ramiz: smart, clever. shows. BR> Recep: White Crown, Bride Crown
Refik: Friend, Comrade, wife, husband.
Reha: Candan, close to the soul
Remzi: sign and confidentiality
Renan: Roan, ringing. < BR> Reşat: Rıdvan that makes the mind requires
rıdvan: Angel
rıfat: glory, great step.

şaban: Kameri 8th month of the year
Shadi: Joy, Joy, Joy, Happiness
Dawn: Age that just appeared on the horizon before the sun rises
Şahan: see. ŞAHİN
Şahin: A kind of predatory bird
Şansal: Announce the name, glory all over, glory
Şefik: Compassionate
Şemsi: Sun, the sun
Şener: Joyful Yiğit, Şen Yiğit , Sen Male
Sengul: Joyful and Nobody like Rose
Senol: Always cheerful
Honor: Honor. Being high and virtuous
Sheriff: Holy, blessed

Tacettin: Taja belonging to the crown: Taç: Taç: , wishing, demanding
talu: Good, beautiful, selected, elite
Tamer: completely brave, full valiant
tandoğan: Dawn at the time of the time
Taner: Light Men

horizon: the limit where the ground looks like a united
Uğur: Good news that the people see in some cases
Uğurcan: Uğuru bringing, Uğurlu Nobody
Uğur: > Ulu: With very great virtues, the supreme; in accessible to the extent;

Ümit: Hoped, expected thing
Ünal: Be the owner of the name, Ünlen, known
Ünalan: The owner of the name, the famous person, the reputation of the fame, the good name owner
Ünalp: Famous valiant
Üner: Famous valiant
Ünol: Şan Ol, Ol ol
Ünsal: Everyone name is the name of the name
Ünver: Everyone name, Being a very well -known person

Vahdet: one and not being one and single
Vahit: Single, one
vargın: Outgoing, Varan
Varol: About to exist / exaltation. Noble
Vedat: Friendship, love, love
Vefa: so -called stop
Vehbi: God tax
Parent: Ow, Eren, ERMİŞ
Volkan: Yanardağ
Vural: Shoot by hitting, hit, hit. Al.

Rain: Rain, snow, rainfall
Yahya: A prophet who is said to be the son of the mother of Mary
Yakup: a prophet name
Yalçın: flat, naked and upright ; straight, slippery, steep, upright Name
Yaşar: Doğan Yavuz, one of the names placed for the child not to die, is very hard, Yaman, hearty, fearless
Yener: Games, Race, War is superior to the other
competent: mature, mature, kemale BR> Yıldıray: Months
Yildirim: From the cloud to the cloud or the ground electricity ejaculation
Yılmaz: Not afraid of anything
Yigit: Strong and courageous; Length, young, young man
Yunus: Name of a team of stars / A type of mammal living in the sea
Yurdakul: Service in the country, who is a servant in the country
yusuf: to be added, to be added
Yücel: A supreme Come to the situation, Yüceş
Yüksel: Be Supreme in Spiritual sense

Victory: Success and effort, result
clever: smart:
mind: the power of the mind, the comprehension of the comprehension
dhikri: dhikr, ritual, about, related, chanting < br> ziya: light, light

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