Fabric Baby Making

Materials to be used when making dolls

cotton fabric

An ordinary cloth for the lining

Fabric for our baby's clothes


wool rope (for hair)

cotton (to fill our baby)


Ingredients to be used when sewing our baby




Dry Sabu, or chalk

adhesive uhu

Pen (to draw your face)



fabric cut

As shown in the picture, the arms and legs of our baby.

We cut it on the fabrics we will use by drawing it by drawing.

Cut the baby's arms, legs and faces and match the same pieces.

We fill all the inside with cotton so that our baby's ears remain empty. After filling the head and body by closing the body.

To create the facial features, the pen is required, after drawing the face with a pencil, we color your cheeks with lipstick.

When closing the holes in our arms and joining the body, we sew to the body.

We are completing the construction of our diaper baby by planting a hat according to the head of our baby.

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