The most beautiful baby girl names

The most beautiful baby baby names

Azalea: Plant that blooms multiple flowers from fundangil

Disaster: Beautiful enough to add the place

Afife: honorable, very fond of honor

Apartian: Sun, very beautiful, bright -faced woman

harmony: harmony

Ahsen: Very beautiful, extraordinary beautiful

ahu: gazelle, roe deer, very beautiful, thin, elegant woman

ahucan: very beautiful friend


Spring: Season between summer and winter

Bahargül: Spring Rose

Bala: Puppy Child

Honey: Like honey, honey -like

Honey: Yar, dear

Balcın: Sloppy, bright

Banu: Princess, lady, newly married bride

Virgo: The head of the crops carrying the grains of the crops

Bediz: Picture, depiction, ornament, decoration

Begüm: Lady, female ruler

Belemir: It is known as the flower of the prophet, the secret flower that is understood by the disintegration of the smell it opened

ceren: running very fast, famous for the beauty of your eyes, thin -legged, elegant animal

Age: The time zone handled with a certain feature in mind

ÇAĞLA: There is no fruits such as almonds, plums

Call: Invitation, Born Bird, Blue Hare Eye

Scream: thin and sharp shout

Flower: The fragrant part of a plant decorated with different colors

Çiğdem: Multi -colored rural plant grown around the Mediterranean

Çilen: slightly falling rain, dwarm

Çiler: Singing songs, Şakıyan

çisil: fine rainfall rain, girl name.

Bunch: Flower context, deck

Demre: Historical Place, which is thought to be born by Santa Claus

deren: Collecting, organizing, reinforcing

Deep: Non -shallow

Derya: Big Sea

Deryanur: Smalling with his knowledge

Pattern: Ornamental shapes such as flowers, lines

deck: context, bunch

Devin: Movement, Motion

Devinsu: Rhythmic movements of water, stream

Revolution: The settled social order, well -established

Ece: Queen, beautiful girl, woman

Ecegün: born on a very nice day

ecem: Queen, in the sense of dear queen

Ecenaz: Nazlı Beautiful

ecesu: clear and beautiful like water

Fatmagül: Beautiful new mother like a rose

Virtue: virtuous, good morals

spacious: bright, heartwarming

Ferahgül: Grinding joy with its beauty

Ferahnur: illuminating the heart of the human heart

feray: Moonlight, brightness of the moon, shine scatter


Günay: Both the day and the month


Daytime: The bright state of the day is given as the name of the girl

Sun: The large celestial body that gives heat and light to the surrounding planets

Güney: Always sunny, sunny place, one direction

Gürdal: Strong branch, frequent branch

Fall: Autumn

Rall: Non -Sun Place, North, Fall and Moon

Beautiful: pleasant, admirable

Neval: Fortune, fate, fortune

Nevade: Torun meaning BB>

B> Navra: White flower, light, brightness < < B> < > B> < B> Nevres: The name of the new grown < BB> < BB>

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