The most beautiful girl names

Most popular girl names

açangül: opened rose flower
Azerbaijan: Plant that blooms multi -colorful flowers from fundangil
Disaster: beautiful woman to add each other
Afife: honorable, honor very fond of
Apartian: 1st day. 2. Very beautiful, bright -faced woman
harmony: harmony
ahsen: very beautiful, extraordinary beautiful
ahu: gazelle, Karaca 2. very beautiful, thin, elegant woman .
ahucan: very beautiful friend.
Ahueda: Nazlı beautiful. ahunaz: Nazlı beautiful, nazenin.
Ahunisa: Very beautiful woman. Very young. , Uğurlu Day, Light Day
Axlem: Love, light hair

Aksu: The name of many streams of different sizes in Anatolia
Akşın: White -skinned woman
Aktan: White colored tan; Kutlu Tan, Uğurlu Tan
ala: Ela mixed color, pied; Mottled; Fullly immature, semi -olm
Alagül: Multi -colored rose.
Glower: Red flower. , capricious
Flame: A word used to describe the image of burning objects
> Algül: Red rose. Rose Red
Purchase: The quality of the eye, the attractiveness, the heart of the heart, the beauty of the heart, the Albeni
Gold: a high -valuable mine

amine: without fear in your heart.
< B> Andaç: Memories, Memories
Anıl: Let others be mentioned by others
Anka: Fairy -tale bird is said to be in Mount Kaf
purple: bee, pure, clean, clean, dirt from dirt Far
ARKIN: Slow, heavy, calm
Gift: Gift, award
Armina: Emine, Fearless, Hearted

Arnisa: Very honorable woman < BR> ARSU: Water as clear
Arya: The long song sang by the artist in the opera with the orchestra
Desire: Excessive desire for anything
Arzucan: CANDAN .
Arzugül: desired, acclaimed rose.
Arzum: My wish, wish, my enthusiasm. Wolf, beautiful girl
original: based, well -established. Similar to something. With a scattering history.
Asu: Horny, grumpy, rebellion. Mischievous vaccine: familiar, familiar.
My love: I love, darling. : Bright -skinned like the moon, moon benizli. B> AYÇA: Sagittarius moon, crescent.
sunflower: bright age like the moon. B> Month: A plant that grows on the shores of the creek
Aydan: has taken its beauty from the moon, bright and beautiful like the moon
Aylin: It has the same meaning as Ayla
Aynur: Moonlight
Ayperi: very beautiful as the moon and fairy. The shining face like the moon. > Aysun: Sparkling and beautiful as the moon. bright. .
Aytu: Moon -like brick. New enough girl, virgin
< >

Spring: Season between summer and winter. Beauty, youth age.
Spring: Spring Rose.
Balcın: Slittering, bright
Balkız: Sweet girl as honey
Banu: Princess; Lady. Newly married bride.
Banuhan: Hatun ruler. : Woman; Woman ruler.
Behin: Good of the good
Behiye: beautiful. In the sense of secret flower, which is understood by the disintegration of its smell,
Belen: waist, passage; The road passing through the two mountains
BELFÜ: Snowflake
Belgi: Sign
Belgin: Certain and complete determined
Belgün: Light Day.
Belin: Looking to be confused with fear.
Beliz: Sign, trail; Alamet
Belkıs: According to the legend Hz. The name of the Saba Melik of Suleyman. Month, I am like the moon
SEPER: honorable woman
BENGİ, Bengü: Immortal, infinite
Bengisu: The water of immortality
Bengül: Like rose. > beniz: face
bennur: light scattering. B> Beril: Emerald

Berin, Berrin: The highest, the greatest meaning
Berke: Zordian, apricot. Kumçı, wand
Berna: connected, connected; Young, blind, lad Su
Composition: All the melodies that make up a piece of music
Bestegül: Rose as beautiful and emotional. Very knowledgeable
Billur: very clear, smooth
Bilnaz: Very naz.
bilnur: Wise person.
bingül: rose abundant; Rose Garden
Binnaz: Very coy, quilled, capricious. : Face unique
Birgen: alone, accustomed to loneliness
Unique: One, one, unique
Birgül: A single and beautiful rose.
Birsen : Sone You
Birsu: One of the beautiful enough to be called water. Plant
Burçin: Female deer
Buse: Kiss
Büge: Bent, water bent. Br> Cahide: Working and strives. : Candan, Dear Friend
CANDEDA: sincere, cute person
Canel: sincere, sincerely extended friendship hand. Cankız: loved, cute, cute girl
Cankut: Cute, close to life
Cansel: Life -giving water.
Cansın: sincere, heart. Cansu: Can water. Life -giving water.
Cavidan: Continuous, permanent, infinite. > Cemre: Fire piece, Kor; A week apart in February, air, water and soil, which is thought to occur in the temperature rise
Paradise: a very beautiful place. The place that is believed to have happiness after the death of those who do good. Ceylan
ore: The essence of something. Power, Energy.
Cevza: The old name of the Gemini is
Ceyda: Thin-long neck and beautiful
Ceylan: Drail and sweet-looking. The structure is thin and compatible. Famous for the beauty of his eyes, elegant, slim -legged mammal. Born bird. Blue moved eye.
Scream: thin and sharp shouting. Drop: Very small amount of water. Very little.
Drop: Rain or a very small round-shaped part of a liquid
bay: a plant with beautiful scented, summer-winter green plant
Bunch: Flower context , deck
Demre: The historical place of Christmas Baba is born
Sea: Engin water covering most of the earth
deren: collecting, organizing, reinforcing
Deep: Non -shallow
Derya: Deryanur in the sense of big sea
Deryanur: Smalling with his knowledge. , Bunch. Binded rose beam. River.
Revolution: Change the established social order as well -established, fast and comprehensive. First Name. Ulu river.
Didar: Beautiful face. Vision. full.
Dilara: heartfelt, heart caressing. Charming beautiful woman.

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