Dog farms

Some of the dog farms you can find in Istanbul are:


An advanced dog farm working on the training and sale of Kennel K-9 police dogs. Provides services such as air -conditioned taxi and dog hotel.

Rintintin Education and Consultancy

Dog training and dog selection issues are a company that gives consultancy.

Turquoise dog farm

A clean and well -groomed dog farm in the fresh air environment, for dogs heated from the bottom. It also has the feature of the hostel.

Address: Icmeler Tuzla/Istanbul.


A dog farm that specializes in the production and training of German wolf dog. There are hostels and accommodation.

Vun juliet

Working with a 10 -year experience in the sale of dog training and dog materials, the company raises the standards.

Wofwof Dog Hotel

A hotel for dogs will be both comfortable and useful for your dog's social interaction. Although it is a dog hotel, you can leave information about the dogs you are looking for to the advertisement board within the site. Those who have dogs for sale on the site are also frequently visited.

Dog Nursing House and Dog Kindergarten in many other dog farm you can not find features.

If you want to buy a private dog or ornamental dog, you can leave advertisements on these sites or visit an Petshop company. Since the dog farm is larger and more comprehensive, only dog ​​farms are given in this list. Sköpek farms provide hostel-hotel service for dogs and adviser the selection of dog breeds . You can get information from the websites and get information from the websites.

Petshops sell not only dogs but also many pets. If you go to a petshop you will reach nearby, they can reach someone who has the mother of a dog you want to find a dog. As you know, petshops often serve dog food to homes. And many petshop owners contain information about the private dogs of dog owners.

Köpek Çiftliği İstanbul

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