What does affiliate marketing mean

Affiliate Marketing is an advertising system based on earnings sharing. You can earn money without dealing with problems such as product sales or invoice cutting using the affiliate system.

Turkish is known as the sales partnership of the Turkish term. When making a sales partner, you need to have a website broadcasting on the internet. After you put SWF or Javascript codes from Affiliate company in your website, you earn money according to the situation of customers.

In foreign sources, affiliate earnings vary by 7 %per sales and 10 %, while 2 %per sale is given in Turkey. For this reason, the affiliate sector in our country is still in the process of crawling. Affiliate marketing sector will come to places it deserves in our country when Affiliate companies understand that webmaster should win more instead of filling their own pocket one day. The most profitable system you will find on the Internet is the advertising systems that pay per click as adsense.

Affiliate Marketing Nedir

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