What are superstitious beliefs

superstition is called beliefs and movements that are not based on a scientific basis. In general, superstitious beliefs are called empty beliefs. Superstitious beliefs are often the ruins of the old religions from our ancestors and traditions from very old primitive societies.

Some superstitious beliefs that are widely used

- If the sacrifice takes out the animal tongue while the sacrifice, the sacrifice dies in that year.

- If a child cries constantly at that house one dies.

- It is not good to put socks on the head while lying down, the human dies quickly. It is believed to be a genie in the tree. The light burns for three days at home. If the snake disappears in the water, it rains and does not stop, floods.

- If something heavy is taken home when you give birth or something heavy is removed, the cow's milk is cut. If a stranger passes through the middle of the cattle at the exit, the cattle will not become pregnant, they do not give birth. Destruction comes.

- When the coyote starts, it will open the air, it will be a daily sunshine. In the morning, the furnace of the person who gives fire to someone else goes out.

- If the water boils in vain in the saucepan, the enemies multiply. At the same time, the grave of the landlord becomes dark after death. Even if it is extinguished before, it is not lying next to the ash. It is believed that the gin and the devil do volatility.

- Disease comes under the fig tree. Grapes, the watermelon in the stalk of the shell of the shell of the orphan. >- When the tooth is dropped, that tooth should be hidden or buried in a place where no one can see.

-El should start from the right hand when washing, first starting from the left hand brings bad luck.

- Right hand should be used when shaking or giving something to someone >
-It is not right to pour the spilled hair while combing, they are collected, and when they die, that person is placed on the grave. Because these hair will end again on the Day of Resurrection. The life of the minister becomes short.

- night pain (pepper, onion, garlic) is not given out of the house. When it is necessary to give coal, over, or a green branch is given.

- Night whistling is a sin.

- Night gum is bad luck. The enemy is called the future.

- If a stitches are sewn on a person, that person's fortune is connected.


- Sleeping at the bottom of the wall is not good. Thus, it is not a incompatibility, not happiness in the house.

- When a person goes to the gurbete that day, the house is not swept away. It is believed that a bad luck will come to the neighbor. Otherwise, there will be famine in the neighbor's house.

- not sitting on the door sill, there is the devil on the door sill.

- The face of coffee is black.

- to sit on the door sill while it rains. ominous.

- If a woman passes through the two men.

- The woman who drinks half a tea remains widow. Therefore, that person gives up going hunting. - The girl comes out of the father's house on Thursday or Sunday. - Nail nails are not cut, whistling, gum is not chewed. The person returns to his home as soon as possible.

- The shoes of the deceased are placed in front of the door immediately. spit when giving it

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