Who is the players of the high school patrol series

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High school patrol players

The high school patrol series is a youth series with action and entertainment on TRT. In the series, İsmail Ege Şaşmaz plays the role of Bahar Şahin Işıl in the role of Euphrates. The subject of the series: There is everything that attracts the attention of young people in the high school patrol series, comedy, crime, profession selection and of course love. High school patrol is also the subject of the events of young people in this high school and their relationship with their families. Ozan Dolunay in high school series. Bahar Şahin. İsmail Ege Şasmaz. Asena Tuğal. Dogan Akdogan. Ebru Akel. Yusuf Gökhan Atalay. Gamze Süner Atay. Players like Mehmet Çevik, play. Although it is seen that the main target is the target high school youth in the series, different lights to university youth who will choose a profession.

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