Meniscus tear

Cartilage cells consist of condrocytes and condolences that fill between the cells.

The cartilage tissue, which has a softer and more flexible matrix than bone tissue, does not contain veins.

What are the types of cartilage?

1) Hyalin cartilage; It is found in moving joints. They are also found to work as a center of ossification in the bones.

2) Elastic cartilage, elastic cartilage is found in the elaborate and various pipes as an example in the larynx.

3) Fibrous cartilage, fibrous cartilage is a special type of cartilage and where hard support or high stress resistance requires, between spine disks, between hip and pelvis bones, tendons or ligaments are found at points of junction into the bones.

The most common cartilage injuries are usually the cartilage injury in the knee cap. A person is inevitable to damage cartilage. The treatment of cartilage injury without treatment is not possible. Symptoms in the wounding of the miskis swelling in the knee, stairs down and out of the knee cover or stuck. It is a definite solution.

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