How to do weakening surgeries

Obesity, which threatens the world, has been influenced by 18-25 years of age.

eaten meals in front of the TV, the end of the long hours spent at the end of the absence of the food. Surgery branch.Zosesity surgery is examined by all the characteristics of the person by examining the person in all patients with 40 %or more obesity operations appropriate. Eating surgeries of the person's eating habits are divided into varieties depending on any side disease. They are operations aimed at giving at least 60 %to 70 %.

Obesity surgery is the most common types of surgery today R-y gastritis bay pass, mini gastritis men pass, tube, stomach, stomach folding, adjustable gastric band, biliopancreatic diversion`s.

Obezite ameliyatları neye göre karar verilerek yapılmaktadır

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