How to choose lipstick

lipstick; It is the most important accessory that adds perfection to women's makeup. However, the right lipstick makes ladies flawless. If the lipstick is not selected for the make -up, a very different and unpleasant image will occur in the face, to find the right lipstick color, the skin color, hair color and eye color are in the foreground.

The color that suits the white -skinned ladies is red. Also, almost all of the light colors are also red.

However, the dark tones should definitely be avoided. For wheat -skinned women, they should apply dark pink and medium soft pink lipstick in the form of dark shades of skin colors.

If the lipstick and nail polish are of the same color and compatible with the eye shadow, the makeup will be perfect. Allness and powder should also be used carefully.

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