How are the budgerigar puppies

How to produce budgerigar?

In shops selling pet shops, it is possible to find nests specially prepared for budgerigars and designed in accordance with the structure of the bird.

You can also make the nest yourself. To make a nest, you will be enough for a plywood (plastic thin material).

You can prepare the contract with a height of 25cm, 20cm deep and 25cm wide. There should be two doors in the nests, the front door is required for mother and father birds to enter the nest, and the back door is required to check the puppy birds.

Do not forget to put the short time called `Konarga 'by the birds. The female bird will stand in the frequent Konarga and feel safe. When applied in this way, you can produce budgerigars, if it is desired to switch to mass production, the production in cages called `Salma` will be more serial and healthier.

In order to feed and make a budgerigar, it is necessary to care for the budgerigar regularly.

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