How to apply blush to our face

Blush gives a healthy, happy look to the face and gives the skin vitality.

When applied incorrectly, it turns your makeup into disaster and ruins your appearance. However, when applied correctly, it completes your makeup and gives a healthy, young look.

Since it maintains the color balance between the eye and lips, take care of the color of your choice with your lipstick color. Remember that your makeup is a complement. So let's take a look at the blush types:

Dust blush: Beginners to make up, use blush, oily skin owners should definitely use this blush.

cream blush: You can make a great application with the help of your fingers, but if you are dry skin. BB>

gel blush: It is the preference of those who make intense make -up because it is permanent and natural. As for your structure, it can be used for normal and oily skin, it is an unusable product for dry skin because it dries very quickly.

Liquid blush: It is for those who say I want to be like a baby. The blush taken to the firm is applied to the cheek with lines and then distributed with cotton.

You should choose your blush color according to your skin:

White skin: very open natural tones, peach, pink

beige skin: Dark pinks

bronze skin: purple, cherry, dense bronze, red

Dark skin: Pins, burgundy, exis

If your lipstick is pink, your blush can be the same color, red lipstick rose color blush, orange or coral tones if your blush can be peaches, apricot tones.

While applying blush:

Smile and rub the blush to the highest point of your cheek.
To apply the color gradually and blowing the excess in the brush so that it does not appear intense, not to look like a separate section.
Surround the application outside the face, circular and light movements.
To provide integrity in the view, lightly touch your brush on your nose tip, chin and forehead.
If your color has escaped too dark or intense, reduce the density with a lighter powder than your skin color

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