Herbal treatment for acne

Acne does not recognize men or women usually become the fearful dream of women acne is the oil glands secreted by the fat on the skin surface.

Intense oil masses by clogging the sebaceous glands by clogging black or white dots to the surface of the skin or black dots we notice. Generally known as blackheads among the people. .Akneler is usually seen in all age groups. The age range is common is between 13 and 22 years of age. In this age, hormones are usually changed or when played with acne on the face. As a result, stress causes changes in hormones causes the proliferation of acne. In some make -up materials, pores are closed and it is seen that they are factors for acne formation.

In black spots, the most commonly used lemon acid as herbal treatment contains the most recommended. It is not recommended to drive directly on the acne. It should be rinsed with warm water when the fold time is finished. This mask should be repeated 2 weeks 2 times a week and once a week in the following weeks.

Akne tedavisi için ne yapmalı

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