How to block Turkcell SMS

türkcell with the innovations are not cut.

For the first time in Turkey, Turkcell's SMS+ ``, SMSYÖNTERMATION, SMSSENGENGELING, SMSARŞİVING AND AUTOMATICSMS Services to send SMSPLUS to subscribe to SMSPLUS, to visit Turkcell Online Trading Center or enough to call 532.

SMSSENGELLATION : Speaking to 2222 by typing smsengelle can be subscribed to the service. In order to block any number, writing with smsengel and leaving a space, then adding the phone number and sent to 2222. Only to get a message from certain numbers or numbers, and add the number to 2222.

SMSYÖNTİNation : SMSSONDIR WRITING AND LEAVE A space, then sending the e -mail address or phone number to 2222.

SMSARŞİVING : SMSARSIV and leave a gap, then add an e -mail address to 2222.

Automaticimzalısms : SMS, SMOUSE, SENT TO 2222 by adding the signature text.

SMS+ subscribers can also subscribe by visiting Turkcell Online Trading Center or calling 532. Those who use SMS+ services can take a break and restart the service at any time.

Turkcell SMS Engelleme

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