Near Istanbul

The places where it can be made close to Istanbul is written below.


You can reach Ağvaya in 1.5 hours with your own car and in 2.5 hours with intercity bus companies.

Places that can be accommodated

  • Ağva Side Pension
  • Liman Hotel
  • Marina Hotel
  • Kurfal Hotel
  • River Fairy
  • Sea Star Motel
  • Forest House
  • Coincidence Village House
  • Lily Hotel
  • Riverse Hotel

The distance to Istanbul is a town with your own car 30min, 90 minutes by bus.

Places that can be accommodated

  • North Star Hotel
  • Şile Resort Hotel
  • Mill Hotel
  • Şile Klas Hotel
  • Doğa Holiday Village
  • Fener Motel

It is located from Istanbul half an hour by car and 1 hour by bus.

Places that can be accommodated

  • Hera Pension
  • Berik Pension
  • Alinda Hotel
  • Village House Hotel

Kerpe Istanbul is located in Kandira district of Kocaeli 1.5 hours by car from Istanbul and 2.5 hours by bus.

Places that can be accommodated

  • Saygın Hotel
  • Hotel Kerpe
  • Yeniay Pension
I needneada

is a town that is located 2.5 hours by bus, 3.5 hours by bus between cities.

Places that can be accommodated

  • daytime motel
  • Nur Hotel
  • Yakamoz Pension
  • Karaca Pension
  • Kesimoğlu Pension
  • Uğur Pension
  • Gül Pension
Kilyos (Sand Village)

Kilyos is connected to Sarıyer district. It is located on the European side of Istanbul. It is 45 minutes away from your car from the Asian continent. The buses are departed from Sarıyer and Hacıosmand. In addition, regular service is provided in Sarıyer.

Places that can be accommodated

  • Kilyos Kale Hotel
  • Hotel with Erzurum
  • Group Hotel
  • Yalı Hotel
  • Yuva Hotel
  • Mehtap Hotel
  • Mystical Hotel

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