How to print a fake money

Real coins, ie banknotes, are created with many technical specifications that can provide security. For this reason, those who want to print counterfeit money are easily caught even though they do not meet all of these conditions.

In order to make the fake of money, the relief is perfect.

What are the differences between fake money and real money.

Release relief edition, real banknotes and fake coins are not found. It is understood when the print is touched.

Optical safety element, in the upper right corner of the banknote, show a different color effect from different angles show a motif printed with special ink is a fixed color because it is pressed with fixed ink.

Clear; On the left side of the banknote, the portrait of Atatürk on the banknote in the waterfield space has a smaller size watermark. Clear, which can be seen when the banknote is kept in light, is not found in most fake banknotes.

Safety wire; 5mm vertically in the left half of the banknote. lined up at intervals, on it, which includes CBRT letters 4 mm. It is a special safety element consisting of length of silver metallic lines and which is seen as a flat line when it is looked at by the light. In false banknotes, it was tried to be imitated only through silver pressure.

Integrated image; On the right side of the waterfall, the pentagon motif, which creates an integrated image with the lower end of the back of the torch when the banknote is kept to light, is not available in fake banknotes.

Microtte: Micro -text printed in the dominant color of the banknote, which gives a wavy image, can only be seen in real banknotes through magnifying glass.

Banknote Paper: The original banknote paper is specially made of cotton fiber. Since counterfeit banknotes are produced with normal papers used by the market, they do not give the special sound of the original banknote when they are swinging.

In addition, to understand the fake money on the market Fake money item is sold.

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