Diamond, which is a very valuable stone, you need to choose from the reliable and knowing companies. Natural diamonds and synthetic diamonds are divided into two. is produced in laboratories from stones called zarkon with diamond powder.

The cut, the weight and the brightness of the diamond determines the value of the diamond. Earrings, single stone diamond rings. Especially women use the jewelry that becomes a jewelry. and cut. It shows its naturalness and value. The only feature structured by the human hand on the rındir is the cutting of the diamond, the more glows of the diamond, the more increasing the shine of the pirate to see the brightness of the stone by moving the stone to the right, left, down and up. , color, cut, clarity.Karat weight, and sertefikadir.In recognize these features.

How to choose quality diamonds


It refers to the form of diamonds when viewed from above.


There are some flaws in the diamonds. Berraraklık expresses the small and abundance of these defects in the diamond.


Cut is the most important feature of a diamond.


Determines the degree of whiteness of the diamond.

CARAT weight

Karat is a weight unit used to determine the weight of the diamond.

1-When viewed from the top of the rından, the end of the end-to-end width.

2-cutting quality of the rından


Diamond sertefika is a report prepared by expert gemologists. Pırlanta is examined by gemologists.

It is evaluated according to the certificate cutting in round cut diamonds.

Example Diamond Certificate

Kaliteli Pırlanta nasıl Anlaşılır

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